Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“Butowsky-Ed Butowsky Joined the Fox to Discuss about Buy American Policy”

Ed Butowsky is recently involved in the discussion of President Barack Obama’s  advocacy that by reviving American manufacturing, will be the key to recover from economic crisis, but there are members of the Congress that are against the policy  making 69 lawmakers sent to President Obama a letter which stated to make a reconsideration move. It was discussed on  the interview about Buy American Act applies to direct purchases by federal government of more than $3,000 and manufacturing represents about 11% of U.S. economic activity.


Magnified View on Buy American Policy

Ed Butowsky briefly explained Buy American Policy as: “It was an Act of 1933 when the government goes out and shopping, they need to buy merchandise, goods and services from companies that based from the United States.”With regards to the saying of no by the congress, he added: “That’s what they’re talking about, I mean they’re now saying  it has a lot to do with these trend, pacific agreement that’s been negotiated, they’re saying, in the president’s very surprising is supporting this, he is saying we’re not going to support that anymore we’re gone an outlet the best products, the best services, the cheapest, the most sufficient product win our money” making Butowsky agreed with.

Certified Financial Expert

Having Ed Butowsky Wealth Management, with his 22 years of rendering services in managing wealth, it is no surprise that he is one of the most favorite advisers regarding finances. He experience to give lecture at Yale University, NYU Stern School of Business, and SMU Cox Scholl of Business and shared his knowledge on how to handle portfolios the safest way. He is the founder of the CHIP score  which is the first metric designed to efficiently and effectively observe and score a portfolio’s potential based on all the needed elements that attribute to portfolio performance; rate of return, risk, inflation, taxes, management fees and investment fees.

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