Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, Declares Bankruptcy

Robert Kiyosaki had been known from selling books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and as a motivational speaker in his seminars. He greatly benefited the Amway pyramid scheme and Oprah Winfrey endorsement and these had altogether helped build his empire. A few years back, he collaborated with American business magnate, Donald Trump and co-wrote a book, Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men, One Message

One of Koyosaki’s former companies was sued by Learning Annex. The said company had promoted Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and used the company for his several speaking engagements.  Kiyosaki allegedly failed the agreed fee thus his company was ordered to pay $24 million to Learning Annex and its founder chairman, Bill Zanker

Wealth ManagerThe company being sued by Learning Annex is Kiyosaki’s Rich Global LLC. The company had been dormant and does not have the capacity to pay $24 million.

Ed Butowsky, a famed wealth manager and a managing partner of Chapwood Investments sees Kiyosaki’s move a bold and clever. It seems that Kiyosaki did it to safeguard his wealth.

The business magnate is wealthy, other business ventures and personal assets are protected. Since he declared Rich Global LLC, the company being sued as bankrupt, he does not have to pay the $24 million and that makes Learning Annex receive whatever assets left in the bankrupt company. 

Wealth ManagementFilling bankruptcy is always associated with stigma, says Ed Butowsky. And it seems ironic that a man who teaches us to be financial independent ends up in an opposite direction. On the other hand a bankruptcy provides a brand new start for an individual but it comes with a consequence.

A bankruptcy file may remain on your credit history for years and actually impedes to establish wealth in the future.

And there are certain individuals driven by their weak decisions regarding credit and the overwhelming obligation prompt them to declare bankruptcy thinking that it is the best way out of their financial obligation. 

Kiyosaki’s cleverness was prepared him to cover his personal wealth from the judgment by declaring Rich Global LLC as bankrupt. It seems the last resort when one is faced with huge financial responsibility to settle a company more than what his company is worth. What “few million” left with Rich Global LLC is what Learning Annex will get and that “few million” only represents a portion of  Kiyosaki’s vast wealth. 

As what Ed Butowsky has said, Kiyosaki decision to left a few million in the company was a right move because if he left nothing, Learning Annex will do their extent they can muster to get Kiyosaki’s wealth in his other ventures or even his personal wealth.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Wealth Management is Still Crucial Regardless your Financial Situation

Ed Butowsky
What entails about wealth management is always shrouded with widespread public misconception that such service is only applicable with private banking services offered to high-earning individuals.

Indeed there are wealth management services that are exclusively offered to individuals who want assistance and advice prior to a large investment ventures over $1,000,000. 

There are private investment advice firms or financial institutions that offer wealth management services to financially secure individuals but not totally limited to ultra-high-net worth demographics only. Usually the initial step of wealth management is financial plan building. The financial plan will consolidate other financial aspects like insurance, estate, investment and tax. For those who never had a financial plan before then a wealth advisor can help you. Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Capital Investment Management, LLC revealed the various aspect of a complete financial plan:

·        * Complete financial goals; short and long term
·        * Actions to be taken aiming improvement of the current financial strategies
·         * Financial forecasts after implementation of strategies
·         * Schemes or actions that provides detailed steps needed in order for the strategies to be applied
·         * Financial advisor’s recommendations

A capable wealth manager can do more than just endorsing the good-performing stocks, mutual funds and investment said Ed Butowsky. True enough as investment is just part of any financial plan. Other aspects play their roles and collectively their synergy determines a good financial plan. For example, strategies in tax reduction are valuable as this will help curb tax payments thus maximizing your money or asset. It is a financial advisor’s responsibility to lower the amount of taxes to be paid by his client. 

Financial advisor can help you choose the right insurance policies just in case one encounters unexpected circumstances. Life insurance is also beneficial as this will fund the estate which the client will leave once he/she dies. 

Estate planning will also make things less-complicated making the family left-behind tackles fewer disputes to deal with while estate settling is on the process. Aside from relying wealth manager recommendations, acquiring expert guidance of tax specialists, insurance professionals and attorneys are proven huge help said Ed Butowsky. Altogether, their combined advices can help you succeed when it comes to financial plan strategies implementation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking Care of Your Finances By Seeking Help From Experts Like Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky
In times like this when the economy is very unstable, it is very important for people to be on guard to where their money goes. Earning money is not a joke, it took your time, effort energy and intelligence to earn even the smallest centavo. While you could always be on guard to where every piece of your hard-earned money goes, circumstances that are beyond your knowledge and control could lead you to your downfall.

Money expert Ed Butowsky, tries to share his knowledge when it comes to wealth management. Being in the money business for more than 25 years, he has learned all the basic vicissitudes about the money industry. He started to be involved in the wealth management industry when in Morgan Stanley where he worked as the Senior Vice President in private wealth management.

Because of his experience and knowledge in the field, a lot of people consults EdButowsky to be educated on how to use their finances wisely. He has worked with some athletes where he learned and understood the reason behind the money problems of sports players. Ed Butowsky was recently featured in the Sports Illustrated Article “How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke.”

financial management
While we do not have the knowledge and experience like Ed Butowsky has, it does not meant that we just have to embrace the fact that we are vulnerable to bankruptcy and being broke. We could always get help from wealth management experts like Butowsky or we can educate ourselves about handling our finances properly. 

One of the simple ways to manage your wealth properly is to bring yourself to full control. Be aware of the financial status of yourself and your family, know your assets, and all the important things about your finances. It could also help a lot to involve your entire family in making decisions about your finances. Including your family does not only give you a bigger capital to grow, working with them would also give you a better chance of making the right decisions. 

Of course, hiring wealth managers or financial advisors would also be a great help. These money experts would be able to guide you in where to invest and where to not. Working with finances gives them the knowledge to analyze the trend in the market and give you expert advise on when to invest and how to spend your hard-earned money.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Protecting your Finances With Proper Information from Experts Like Ed Butowsky

Wealth Manager
Managing one’s finances can be a very tough job. People who lack knowledge about the money industry are very vulnerable to the tricks that the financial industry plays.

One wrong move and all your hard-earned money would be gone. Surely, no one wants to experience such fate, which is why it is very important to have yourself informed about the twists and turns of the world of money.

Ed Butowsky, a well known wealth manager has set himself on a mission to inform and educate people on how to manage their wealth effectively. For Butowsky, wealth management is not only a matter of making people rich, but on helping people increase their purchasing power. Working with a number of people for 25 years, Ed Butowsky has learned a lot about the rules of the money world.

If you are having doubts about the way you use your finances and want to secure your financial future, getting help from experts like Ed Butowsky can be a great help. Expert wealth managers aims to help you make sure that you only invest your money on places where it would grow, and that despite the unstable economy of the country, your purchasing power would not drop. 

Effectively managing your wealth is very important if you want to have a secured future for yourself and your family. Getting advise on wealth management can be as simple as receiving guidance on where when and how to invest. With their knowledge and expertise, they could formulate an effective plan on how to boost your finances, of course, depending on your wants and capabilities. 

Money Management

Planning for the future by managing your finances today would secure you that despite the instability of the economy and troublesome recessions that the country is facing, you would still be able to support yourself and your family. Even if you are not experiencing any kind of trouble with your finances right now, you would not always be sure that everything would go on smoothly.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure they say, same is true when it comes to business. Planning everything today, would ensure you that your tomorrow would be secured and protected, and would not be easily shaken by the troubles that the economy is facing. After all, who would want to be caught off guard by the problems of the future if you can secure yourself today?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Manage Your Wealth Effectively-Ed Butowsky Talks About Wealth Management

Ed Butowsky
Managing your finances is never an easy job, especially if you have no idea about how the money world works. Ed Butowsky, an internationally renowned wealth manager seeks to guide people on how to use their money effectively, and to keep them from being bankrupted. He sets himself on a mission to help people know the basic things about their finances and of course make sure that their money would not drop off. 

As a wealth manager, Ed Butowsky believes that the profession does not necessarily mean that they help people become wealthy, for him, his job as a wealth manager aims to heighten and preserve the purchasing power of the client.

Many people trust Ed Butowsky’s advice when it comes to finances. When asked why he thinks this is so, he believes that people value his experience in the field. Being 25 years in the industry of wealth management is not something you can just shrug off, within this span of time, a person would definitely learn a lot of important matter and would have eventually mastered the ups and down of the industry. For him, his experience in the field has made him understand the things that are happening and the things that comes after it. 

According to Butowsky, the economy right now is very slow, and the prices of the commodities are continuing to soar, he calls the combination of this two events stagflation. This economic condition is no good for everybody, and he believes that the economy is entering a very dark stage. He believes that the solution to this problem lies on the reduction of taxes, which he thinks could help a lot of stabilizing the economy. 

Managing Partner
While most of us do not exactly know how to handle the finances we currently have, Butowsky has been well trained when it comes to this matter, knowing just what the perfect ways to ensure that your purchasing power is high and always stabilized. He believes that the biggest mistake that people usually do with their money is limiting it in single area. 

Concentration of your finances is the last in the list of the things you are advised to do if you want it to grow. While it could be a wonderful way to increase your assets, it would not be as effective when it comes to management. 

Learning to manage your money is very vital for any person, especially in a very unstable economy like today’s. Great thing there are people like Butowsky who is willing to share his knowledge about the proper way to handle finances.